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About Swag Soft's

Game Development Services

At Swag Soft, we don't just develop games; we create immersive worlds that capture the imagination and transport players to uncharted realms of excitement and discovery.

We've made games like Sairento VR and Gordian Quest which have made millions of dollars worldwide. You will be hard pressed to find another game development company in Singapore which can claim the same. 


Our game development services blend cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and artistic storytelling to deliver unforgettable experiences that resonate with gamers of all ages.


As a leading game development company in Singapore, our passionate team of programmers, game developers, artists, and designers is dedicated to turning your gaming dreams into a mesmerizing reality.

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Game Development Services

We offer the full suite of Game Development Services – or just the ones you need

Our projects start with a comprehensive strategy phase, where we analyze clients' needs, Elevate your gaming vision with our expert mobile game development services, tailored for both iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile Game Development

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Bring your dreams to life with our experienced team of developers, creating engaging experiences for PC gamers worldwide.

PC Game Development

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Step into the future with our AR/VR game development services, creating cutting-edge and immersive experiences for players to explore.

AR/VR Game Development

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Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative NFT game development services, combining blockchain technology with captivating gameplay.

NFT Game Development

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Create immersive and engaging gameplay experiences with Swag Soft's game design services. Our talented designers specialize in crafting well-balanced game mechanics, intuitive user interfaces, and captivating base lore for world-building purposes. With our expertise, we lay the groundwork for a compelling gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Game Design

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Bring your ideas to life with our creative concept design services. Our team of skilled artists and designers will collaborate with you to conceptualize unique characters, mesmerizing environments, and innovative gameplay mechanics, forming a solid foundation for your gaming project.

Game Art Concept Design

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Test and refine your game concept with our prototype development services. At Swag Soft, we create interactive prototypes that enable you to assess gameplay, evaluate user experience, and fine-tune your ideas before committing to full-scale development. This iterative approach ensures your final product aligns with your vision and exceeds player expectations.

Game Prototype Development

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game development singapore


game development singapore

Got to Goal

game development singapore

Building the Lion Mobile Game

game development singapore

Pigs Can Fly Mobile Game

game development singapore

Gordian Quest PC Game

game development singapore

Samsung Floor Salesman Hero Mobile Game

game development singapore

Zoozy Education Mobile App

game development singapore

GShopedia Voucher Mobile App

game development singapore

The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World

game development singapore

Hellsweeper VR Game

game development singapore

Career Quest Virtual World

game development singapore

Sairento VR Game

game development singapore

One Force Mobile Game

game development singapore

Mythos World NFT Game

game development singapore

Caltex Techron Heroes Mobile Game

game development singapore

Bubble Speller Mobile Game

game development singapore

Monkey Showdown Mobile Game

Game Projects

Forging Unforgettable Gaming Experiences Across Platforms And Genres.

Swag Soft was a right fit for us after having sourced through the many app developing companies and checking out their portfolio."

Ben Chuen Chio

Three words to describe the Swag Soft team: genuine, responsible and enthusiastic."

Alan Liau


Edensoft Sdn Bhd

Client-focused, patient, efficient – that would be a summary of our joyful relationship thus far.”

Irwin Lim
Managing Director

Mosaic Singapore


Our Game Development Process

Step-by-Step Guide to Mobile App Development with Swag Soft's Approach

At Swag Soft, we follow a structured and collaborative game development process to ensure your gaming project is brought to life with precision and excellence. Our process consists of several stages:



We start by understanding your vision and goals for the project. During this stage, we discuss your ideas, target audience, and key features to establish a clear direction for the game. In cases where the game is tied to a business objective, such as staff training, we dive deeper into players' behavior to ensure the game design minimizes disruption of daily activities while effectively meeting the intended objectives.

Define your Goals and Requirements


Our talented designers and artists work together to create a detailed design document, outlining the game mechanics, storylines, characters, and environments. This stage ensures we have a comprehensive blueprint for the development process.

Game Design and Concept Development


In order to test and refine the game concept, we develop a playable prototype focusing on 2-3 key mechanics as a testbed to evaluate the core gameplay loop's engagement. This allows you to experience the main mechanics, assess user experience, and provide feedback. By identifying potential loopholes in the concept, our iterative approach enables us to make necessary adjustments before moving into full-scale development.

Prototype Development


Our experienced developers bring the game to life, handling every aspect of the development process, including programming, graphics, sound design, and optimization. We maintain open communication and provide regular updates to ensure the project stays on track and meets your expectations.

Full-scale Development


To ensure a polished and bug-free gaming experience, our quality assurance team thoroughly tests the game across different devices and platforms. We identify and resolve any issues, making certain the game is ready for launch. For multiplayer games, we highly encourage our clients to participate in play-testing with us, fostering a collaborative environment and guaranteeing an optimized experience for all players.

Quality Assurance and Testing


Once the game is tested and refined, we assist you in launching your game on the desired platforms, such as app stores or online marketplaces, ensuring it reaches your target audience.

Deployment and Launch


Our commitment doesn't end with the launch. We offer post-launch support, including updates, maintenance, and improvements, to keep your game relevant and engaging for players.

Post-Launch Support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We've made games like Sairento and Gordian Quest which have made millions of dollars on Steam. You will be hard pressed to find another game development company in Singapore which can claim the same. It is clear that we understand how to make games with a strong commercial factor.

  • We have a team of kick-ass programmers, enthusiastic game developers, talented artists, and skilled game designers. They have a wealth of experience spanning PC, mobile, AR, VR, and NFT game development. This has made us the go-to choice for even our competitors when they need top-quality games developed for their customers.

  • The development time for a game can vary greatly depending on factors like complexity, platform, and specific requirements. On average, a mobile game can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to develop, while PC, VR, and NFT games may take longer. We will provide you with a more accurate timeline once we understand your project's specifics.

  • The cost of game development depends on multiple factors such as complexity, features, platform, and design requirements. In addition, the level of involvement you prefer from us – including conceptualization, designing, and development services – can also affect the cost. To provide you with an accurate quote, we will need to discuss your project in detail. Please contact us to schedule a consultation and explore how we can best support your vision.

  • Yes, our experienced team at Swag Soft is capable of developing games for various platforms, including mobile (iOS and Android), PC, AR, VR, and browser-based games.

  • Yes, we offer post-launch support services, including game updates, maintenance, and improvements. We understand the importance of keeping your game relevant and engaging for players, and we're committed to helping you achieve long-term success.

  • Absolutely! You retain full ownership of your game and its intellectual property. Our role is to help bring your vision to life, and once the project is complete, you will have full rights to your game and its assets.

  • While our primary focus is on game development, we can provide guidance and advice on marketing strategies and promotional activities to increase your game's visibility and reach. We can also create marketing materials, such as gameplay videos, to support your promotional efforts. However, for more comprehensive marketing support, we recommend partnering with a specialized marketing agency that can fully cater to your needs.

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Game Development

Expert Game Development Services for Mobile, PC, VR, AR and NFT Games.

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Hellsweeper VR
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